Saturday, June 27, 2009

HOWTO: 2.5" Seagate 320GB using eSATA

1. update latest driver for ur sata chipset
i, intel ich family chipset go to
ii, jmicron chipset go to
2. go to BIOS enable the AHCI for SATA mode
3. install seagate 2.5" into HD case that support eSATA
4. connect power to HD case to USB
5. connect eSATA to HD case to PC/Laptop
6. refresh page in device manager, new disk drive should be detected
7. initialize the new drive, skip the dynamic drive
8. create primary/extended partition follow by create logical partition(if u created extended)
9. format it and ready to go
10. here's a few recommended software to test out how well ur external HD performs


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